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A haiku from the article: ‘Visible City,’ by Tova Mirvis

holy shit. i love this.

"The Rise of Ada's List" 


"As email groups and networking take off in the stats, the UK starts its own professional group for women in tech."

This week’s TechCity News profiled Ada’s List - it’s a pretty cool article featuring a number of Ada’s List members.

Today, for every five men working in technology in the United…

The Rise of Ada’s List

"As email groups and networking take off in the stats, the UK starts its own professional group for women in tech."

This week’s TechCity News profiled Ada’s List - it’s a pretty cool article featuring a number of Ada’s List members

Find locations for the latest TechCity News print edition.

(and the article gives shout outs to our heroes at the TechLady Mafia and The Li.st.) 

Commencing countdown, engines on. 


Hello, world! We are 18F.

What is 18F?
A) A team of innovators, recruited from the private sector and public service.
B) In-house designers, developers, and product people making government services simple, beautiful, and easy to use.
C) A new unit of the General Services Administration…

Awesome - well done @18f team!

Meet the Woman Leading the Tech LadyMafia 


Had so much fun doing this interview for Elle.com* with Ruthie Friedlander who is such a champion of ladies in tech. Check out her work here

*next stop: Elle print edish right? 

What is something that surprised you when you started TLM with Erie?

I remember when we sent out our first query, like “Hey, join us!” My favorite thing that happened was that I ended up being the most unimpressive, least smart person on the listserv. And that was the best! There were these two women that were applying to be NASA astronauts! I think that it proves the power of networks. The whole point is to not be intimidated by other people. It’s to build a team and learn from each other.

Conquering SXSW (welcome, New York Times readers!)  



Every year at SXSW, we host a great event for women in tech and new media to celebrate and highlight their accomplishments, introduce them to each other and present a visible, physical reminder that the industry is not comprised solely of white dudes in hoodies.

Last year we were delighted…

My advice to a young female founder starting out today would be to develop a support group of other founders whom you trust and to whom you can turn for advice. Avoid doing business with men who relate to you as a wife or a daughter — no matter what you think they can bring to the table. And keep looking for gold — those men who give direct feedback and consider you a peer. It’s amazing how a few people like this can make a huge difference.

But recognize that there will be times when you are stressed and emotional, when you will find yourself in weird and uncomfortable situations. It’s all part of the journey for members of the 3 percent.

Rebekah Campbell, CEO of Posse, in the New York Times (via adaslist)



What Your Favorite Drink Says About Your Politics

I made a thing in honor of the Ezra Klein/Wonkblog announcement today

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I’ve been on the internet for the past couple of weeks. Here’s some links.

On October 21st President Obama gave a speech about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and its consumer front - healthcare.gov. Yes, the President gave a speech about a website. During the campaign at at the CFPB, our team’s goal was to never be *the story.* A speech from the President is the opposite. 

So I decided to write a blogpost to talk about our experience launching a website, building an agency from scratch, and creating a culture where technology is valued. Also, I wanted to paint a fuller picture of the state of technology in government - it’s not just one thing or the other, but rather the many things that combine to either help you launch a successful website, or have a hc.gov rollout.

9 Things You Should Know Before Debating HealthCare.gov, From Someone Who Actually Launched a Successful Government Website

It received really great response, which is nice. I first heard from NPR - Warren Olney’s show called To the Point. It’s a panel format, so I jumped on with 3 other people (one of which is a great reporter from ProPublica, Charles Orenstien - I’d never heard from him before and he has some really interesting stuff on hc.gov). I come in at about 17:20 if you want to listen. 

Can a ‘tech surge’ save healthcare.gov?

Ezra Klein reached out to learn more about what we did at the CFPB - and what lessons HHS/CMS and other agencies could learn from us.

If Obama still intends to make the voice of usability—which is to say, the voice of the voter—a vital feature of the way government operates, he needs to fight a battle that animated him in 2008 but was clearly lost by 2013.

To start, the president could study the example of how the British government used the initial failure of its electronic medical records system as a catalyst for broader change. But he doesn’t even have to look that far. The Affordable Care Act, after all, isn’t the only product his administration has launched. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), created by the Dodd-Frank financial reform act of 2010, has won wide plaudits for its remarkable, user-friendly deployment of technology.

How the iPod President Crashed: Obama’s Broken Technology Promise

And here’s the very cool cover of Businessweek


And a few more - Clay Shirky in the Guardian, Megan McArdle in Bloombergthe CPS Renewal blog, and the Department of Better Technology.

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